Veronica Ciastko


Every few weeks or so, I’ll see a post on Facebook, hear a guy at a party or read some think-piece bemoaning small talk. It’s a shallow waste of time that stands in the way, apparently, of much deeper, more interesting conversation.

If you’ve spent any time on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube you’ve seen them. Taco Bell copycat crunchwrap supremes and jalapeno corn poppers. Tinker Bell cupcakes and unicorn dip. Caramel apple cheese balls and Oreogasm skillet brownies.

I talked to UBC School of Music professor David Metzer, who teaches musicology with an emphasis on pop music. Our conversation turned to questions larger than Owl City’s resurgence: What is pop music? And what makes some songs so easy to parody?

A trope of the family-friendly Hollywood movie is that of the dead-eyed, “whatever”-sighing teenager. This teen is apathetic, bored, and nihilistic. They roll their eyes at family fun and take pleasure at resisting their parents’ values.

Veronica Ciastko is a second year arts student at the University of British Columbia, hoping to major in creative writing. She's an avid reader and lover of words, which would explain her love for sexting.

Axis Theatre has recently begun their Wee Ones Series — plays intended for an audience ages 3-7. Shelby Bushell says that there was no quality market for very young children and Axis wanted to step in and fill this gap.

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