Club Profiles: Non-committal clubs for the overbooked student

Incorporate “Namaste” into your daily routine. Chris Borchert

With midterms officially coming to an end final papers and presentations are coming at us in full speed. As students struggle to balance school, work and extracurriculars it is no surprise that our motivation in fully committing to a club deteriorates as well — regretful decisions in joining clubs with commitment standards sounds all too familiar.

Luckily, a number of clubs on campus lets students interact and appreciate their interests, without needing to be committed:

UBC Film Society

Wanting to watch movies beyond your own computer screen? UBC Film Society (FilmSoc) screens movies at The Nest every Thursday at 6 p.m. Movies range from Studio Ghibli to Wang Kai Kar’s movies and North of 49.

Membership is $5 for the year, where you receive unlimited movie screenings on campus or you can drop in any week for a cinematic experience on campus.

UBC Yoga Club

Incorporate “Namaste” into your daily routine. UBC Yoga Club offers yoga classes everyday in The Nest. As we’re soon approaching the end of the semester and heading into finals season, yoga is a mind-body practice, which can help reduce stress.

Class types vary and but are not limited to Vinyasa, Power Yoga and Hatha. Memberships are $20 for the year, with each session $2 afterwards. Schedules and locations are posted on their website, displaying all of their classes for term one. Browse the schedule and release your inner peace at your own availability.

Black Vinyl Project

Whether you love singing, performing or are simply a music enthusiast, this club is for you. Blank Vinyl Project is a student-run music organization where people come together to share music and watch musicians and their music flourish.

Each month, they hold two open mics at the Gallery 2.0, where students are invited to perform or just listen. You don’t need to be a member attend! All you need to do is to bring your passion for music and mingle with like-minded music fanatics.

Oxfam UBC

Want to help make our world a better place? Oxfam UBC is a campus group who are focused and committed on raising awareness of global issues. The group discusses a diversity of issues such as climate change, food security and global poverty.

No resumés, applications or memberships are required for the club — as long as you’re interested addressing global issues, Oxfam UBC holds discussions every week.

UBC Food Society

Are you always surfing Yelp or Instagram for a new food place to try? Join UBC Food Society!

UBC Food Society is the largest food enthusiast club on campus, with almost 400 members. The club hopes to bring all “foodies” together, where as a whole everybody can fill their stomachs altogether.

UBC Food Society holds a large event each month, in addition to small scale events, held within mini-clubs, where groups of 10 or less people embark on sharing their culinary adventures. Membership fee is $10, but you’re not required to become a member in order to attend their monthly events.