AMS Events bought a Cameo of Too Hot to Handle's Chloe Veitch for some reason

“Lots of love from your babe, Chloe. Speak to you soon!” AMS Events

It’s a normal day. You’re scrolling through Instagram for a few hours like you normally do, and you come across a post from the AMS Events page in which Chloe Veitch from the reality show Too Hot to Handle is talking directly to the UBC class of 2020.

The cameo includes Veitch congratulating the class of 2020 and assuring them they’re going to get far in life. “Everyone’s going to love you and you’re all going to smash it,” she says.

She later acknowledges that everything is bad and wishes them to stay safe, then encourages everyone to have some cocktails to keep their spirits high.

“Lots of love from your babe, Chloe. Speak to you soon!”

Why is Chloe our “babe” and why is she talking to us like that? Why did AMS Events choose her and not someone like Perez Hilton or Paula Deen, who are both priced similarly to Veitch on Cameo? Am I out of touch? Regardless, Chloe Veitch wishes you well and wants you to stay safe with some gin.