Every faculty and school at UBC ranked

Sorry, Sauder. File Elizabeth Wang

There are a ton of faculties and schools at UBC, and I have a lot of opinions about them based on my knowledge and first impressions. So I’ve decided to rank them based on my personal opinion.

1. Arts

Arts is number one because every cool subject falls under it, like creative writing, political science and history, to name a few of the coolest.

2. Audiology and Speech Sciences

UBC has the only audiology and speech sciences school in British Columbia, so this is a cool school.

3. Education

We need teachers, so obviously this is a good one.

4. Social Work

I’m really bad at making friends so I hope that social work makes people better at socializing.

5. Library, Archival and Information Studies

I love libraries!!

6. Journalism

Journalism is important so this is good, but The Ubyssey is also basically journalism school but cheaper.

7. Land and Food Systems

I don’t really know what this faculty does, but it has the word “food” in it so I’m game.

8. Public Policy and Global Affairs

We live in a society, so this is important I think.

9. Music

I played flute in high school so naturally I almost applied for music. It’s a cool faculty.

10. Extended Learning

School for everyone!!

11. Community and Regional Planning

Planning is actually very cool and important!

12. Nursing

Nurses are important so I like this one.

13. Medicine

I guess doctors are important too?

14. Pharmaceutical Sciences

Oh, and drugs.

15. Science

I like space so I think this one is cool too.

16. Architecture and Landscape Architecture

I trust that people who go here like brutalism and will build hundreds more Buchanan towers.

17. Dentistry

Teeth are important? I think?

18. Forestry

Trees are fun!

19. Vantage College

In all seriousness, it’s cool that we have a school for people who don’t meet the English proficiency requirements yet to transition into university here.

20. Population and Public Health

The population of the world is 7.7 billion. There you go.

21. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

What am I gonna do with a graduate degree? Hang it on my wall?

22. Law

I know the law, officer. Why do I need a lawyer? Am I being detained?

23. Kinesiology

I hate exercise!

24. Vancouver School of Economics

I hardly understand what money is.

25. Applied Science

Engineers are smarter than me at math so I’m scared of them.

26. Business

Sorry, Sauder.