Faces of UBC: What are you thankful for?

The fact I’m in fourth year.

Dina Brown (Fourth-year Kinesiology) 

I am thankful for … I guess, what a beautiful day it is today. Even though it’s a pretty tough time in school right now. I mean, it just feels so nice and the air feels so fresh — it really perks me up.

Sara So (Third-year Sauder)

Probably to live in Vancouver. I’ve just moved and I really love this city. I’m growing more attached.

Christine Powell (Third year)

Everyone that has got me here. I want to really to give back and do unto them what they’ve done to me.

Sean Qi (Second year)


Hamed Abhari (Third year)

I’m grateful for this view of the sides of the mountains that’s, like, picture quality. I’m grateful to be studying my passion in UBC — counselling psychology … and I’m actually really grateful for the weather we’re having. It’s cool, but still sunny out. Fall is probably the most beautiful season I’ve ever been in.

Steve Johnson

I know you’re going to say this is a simple answer, but I’m thankful for my family, my friends and the weather. The fact that I get to live in a different country and the opportunities given to me.

Andrea Margarita Hurtado Fuentes (First year)

I’m thankful for this university, to be working with the students.

Ismeta Zukic

I’m thankful for my parents for being the kind and loving people that I will always look up to.

Sofia Shamsunahar (First year)