Fun things to do on campus once you've had a few

Write your drunken, deep and philosophical ramblings on the Cairn. Alex Vanderput

There are a few great places to drink on campus, we all know that. But what about when you get bored of being at the Pit? Luckily we have a giant campus with tons of things to do. Here are some of my suggestions that I definitely have not done (please don’t tell campus security).

Run from flagpole to flagpole

A good drunk idea is to run. Race your friends, or just run, from the flagpole near the Rose Garden to the flagpole near Forestry. It gives you something to do and expend that extra energy if you’re an energetic person when you drink. Maybe even vault over the Cairn if you want an extra obstacle.

Decorate the Cairn

Write your drunken, deep and philosophical ramblings on the Cairn. If you have an idea you really need to get out to the world, the Cairn is a beacon of knowledge.

Lay on the ground and stare at the night sky in solemn contemplation

When it’s really clear out and you can see the stars, sometimes it’s nice to stare at them and think about space. If you look hard enough you might see Mars blinking at you, the North Star beaming down on you and you might even identify a constellation. Sometimes we just need to stop and ponder the universe we live in for a bit.

Have a subsequent existential crisis in the fountain at Buchanan

The purple glow of that thing between the Buchanans will cradle you as you lay on the cement, terrified of the universe you were pondering a minute ago.