We respond to graffiti from the Buchanan bathroom

We have so many questions. Yiyang Wang

“I’m interested in a boy but I only have his house address”

We have so many questions. Start by getting to know something else about him! Like his name or his social insurance number.

“I feel like I’m stupid and will never make it in uni”

You made it to uni and you can very well make it through it. Instead of overthinking this, focus on your problem areas and seek help. A positive growth mindset and a little bit of motivation will get you out of this funk. If you think there are people around you who are smarter than you, ask them for tips or to study with them!

“What do you think the meaning of life is?”

Easy there, Socrates. That’s a very complex question and of course, very subjective. Different people would have different answers, but to me, life is about growth. It’s about challenging yourself and saying yes to new opportunities and growing from all the rough moments. We like the idea that mistakes or difficult times are experiences from which you learn best. But that’s the cool thing about life — everyone finds their own unique purpose!

“Does true love exist?”

We think all kinds of love are ‘true.’ There are definitely a lot more reasons why things don’t often work out between people, like wanting different things or bad timing. If you do want true love though, you can never go wrong with adopting a dog.

Anarchist symbols

Literally every bathroom stall I’ve visited has the anarchy symbol and a different message written in black sharpie. What are you trying to do? How are you so committed and why do you think the revolution will begin in a university bathroom stall?

“I poop here before every midterm”

There’s a sense of comfort in knowing that public bathrooms form such a significant part of our existence. Whatever gets you through those 50 minutes of hell, pal. You do you.