How to keep warm in a colder Vancouver

Ben Geisberg

Whether the weather is hot or cold, showery or shiny, Vancouver can usually adapt to the daily forecast. However, this past December left us with surprise snowfall and the cold that comes with it. When it comes to snowfall, Raincouver and its people are all too often woefully underprepared.

From cancelled exams to still-treacherous inclines throughout campus, the city itself continues to be plagued by slick conditions. So if struggling to acclimatize is making the jump back into school that much trickier, hopefully this guide to the cold and the snow can help make the transition as smooth as the icy sidewalks.

Choose your shoes wisely

Speaking of icy sidewalks, there’s nothing like taking two steps out of a car and falling flat on your butt. It hurts, it’s embarrassing and it’s really not fun for anyone. If you’re not in a position to drop $190 on a pair of Timbs, try to pick shoes with some resemblance of grip on the soles. It’s icy and dicey out there, so save your “fall” footwear for autumn.

Wear layers

This one’s fairly simple — warmth is great and more layers means more warmth.

Wear a hood, toque or earmuffs

That said, while layers are great, the parts of you that get cold the fastest are your toes, fingers and ears. Even a heavy jacket without a hood is going to leave your ears wanting. A toque — or “beanie,” for those new to Canada — will do as well, as long as it covers the ears!

Drink something warm

This weather makes for a solid excuse to spend some extra cash on a Starbucks dessert-y drink. Or if being a sweet-tooth is less your style, any other hot beverage is a good way to keep yourself warm.

Wash your hands

There’s nothing like warm water to warm up your hands, but the main point with this is that possibly the worst part of being exposed to the cold is potentially catching one of your own. You can still get a flu shot, so get one while you can and keep your hands clean.

Take time to enjoy the snow!

The silver lining in the currently grey-white sky is all the fun of actually having snow. Whether it’s making snow-sculptures, sledding or going for a skate at the Main Mall fountain, try to enjoy the snow while it lasts — we probably won’t get this much next year.