How to stay dry in ridiculously wet Raincouver

Did you feel like a storm cloud was following you around all of October? If yes, don’t worry — it wasn’t just your imagination. It rained a whopping 28 out of the 31 days of October this year, breaking the record of October 1985. That being said, this amount of rain isn’t exactly a new concept for Raincouverites, especially because when it rains, it pours at UBC.

To make up for the uncomfortable moistness in your socks, here's a quick guide to surviving the rest of the rainy school year and staying nice and dry.

Learn the difference between water resistant, water repellent and waterproof

Basically everyone who has lived through this nightmare can and will tell you that they. Are. Not. The. Same.

●      “Resistant” means being soaked down through to your undies.

●      “Repellent” means you’ll survive a drizzle without an umbrella.

●      “Proof” means raindrops will just slide right off you with no problem.

Some examples of waterproof fabrics are rubber, PVC, polyurethane and Gore-Tex. Many retailers will specify if their products are truly waterproof, but many will fool you with “resistant” or “repellent.” Don’t fall for these marketing ploys unless you want a shower.

Follow @IsItRainingUBC on Twitter

With surprisingly only 1,000 followers, this hilarious student-run Twitter account has been an excellent source for tweets about current campus weather conditions since 2013. This is a fun alternative to looking out your window in order to know whether or not to break out the galoshes and rain poncho for your walk from Totem Park to Buchanan.

Photo via Twitter

Step your footwear game up (pun intended)

There are tons of great, affordable footwear options for all of you commuters out there that will not only keep you dry, but that will also keep you looking fresh.

●     Rubber Converse Low Tops: $84 at Urban Outfitters

●     Palladium Waterproof Boots: $169.99 at Sport Chek

●     Hunter Rubber Boots: ~$150 at Little Burgundy

Blundstone Winter Leather Boots: $239.95 at the Australian Boot Company on W 4th

●     Vans All Weather MTEs: $85 at

●     Dr. Martens Classic Boots: $164.99 at SoftMoc

Also, bringing a spare pair of socks in your bag can be a lifesaver.

Get an umbrella

Desperate times call for desperate measures, like seeing someone running to the bus loop with a textbook as an umbrella. Actual umbrellas don’t cost nearly as much as hardcover textbooks and they’re usually under $20 at local department or drug stores. Outdoor shops also carry more premium options like umbrellas with vents so that they won’t flip over when it’s windy and rainy. Another great option is UmbraCity’s free umbrella share program that's available for student use in the AMS Nest. Sign up on the spot and the bright yellow umbrella is completely free if it’s brought back within 48 hours.

And finally, thou shalt not...

●      Wear wool — unless you want to look/smell like a wet dog.

●      Wear canvas shoes or shoes with a crepe sole.

●      Walk near giant puddles as busses zoom by on University Boulevard.

●      Splash or hit other people with your umbrella.

●      Hydroplane in your car and splash pedestrians.

●      Talk about how much it’s raining or how much you hate the rain.