Five spots on campus to stand two metres apart and gaze longingly at your love

Remember the good old days when campus was a physical space we regularly occupied? Remember the busy walkways and the mushy green spaces? With reading break right around the corner, the sparsely populated campus is an ideal location for your Valentine’s Day plans. Without further ado, here are five spots on campus to stand two metres apart and gaze longingly at your love.

UBC Botanical Garden

What’s more romantic than flowers? With park benches scattered around the grounds, this location is perfect for a romantic Regency-era date.

The garden behind IKB

Green grass, plenty of space to sit and the looming presence of the clock tower are all key elements in creating that lovey-dovey atmosphere. An added bonus of this location is its relative privacy despite its central location, just in case that steamy eye contact kicks it up a notch.

Totem Park Forest

While this location doubles as a popular spot to blaze, it also provides that woodland getaway feeling without having to leave campus. Who knows, maybe the thick haze of smoke will add that je ne sais quoi your dates have been missing.

The Bosque between the Life Building and IKB

Bosque trees are known for their romantic qualities. Or maybe that was cherry trees… Regardless, this spot gives off major longing vibes and should be a top contender when deciding where to bat your eyelashes at your love.

In front of Martha Piper Fountain

This spot only made the list because of its proximity to Birb. If Birb is not in attendance, don’t waste your time trying to make the fountain romantic, it’s just not worth it.