10 places UBC has pretended to be on screen

UBC is perhaps the greatest actor to ever come out of UBC. Here are a few examples of the university's most prestigious roles, ranked from lowest to highest in terms of acting chops required.

1. Washington State University -- Fifty Shades of Grey

UBC looks like a university in Washington? Crazy talk.

Acting skill: An extra in Extras.

2. Military Academy, Seattle -- The Killing

We’re stretching it a little further here because of the military aspect, but let’s be real, British Columbia often stands in as a discount Washington (although we all know Washington is a discount B.C.).

Acting skill: Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton movie.

3. Seattle -- The 4400

It's surprising to see how often the Chan Centre is used on screen and how very few times you say to yourself, “Hey, wasn’t this the building that blew up on Fringe?” or “Hey, wasn’t this building in space in Battlestar Galatica?”. But UBC is still standing in for Seattle for this one; I guess it’s just sticking to what it knows.

Acting skill: Are Kristen Stewart jokes passé?

4. Santa Barbara -- Psych

Vancouver has stood in for a bunch of different California locations on screen, which I find interesting because I have never once seen the sun while living in Vancouver. This one requires a certain amount of commitment on UBC’s part.

Acting skill: Chris Pratt in anything except Jurassic World.

5. Massachusetts -- Fringe

UBC’s ability to pass as places around Massachusetts, like Harvard, earns it some credibility. Playing the best university in the world? That’s not acting at all. (Do I get a Thunderbird for saying that? What is a Thunderbird? I still want one, if you’re giving them out).

Acting skill: Johnny Depp in a non-Tim Burton movie.

6. Illyria (fake American East Coast high school) -- She’s the Man

I suppose it’s not really that hard to pretend to be something fake, but I feel like it’s pretty hard to make people believe that Thunderbird Stadium was supposed to belong to a high school. And gosh darn it, I did believe when I watched that movie. I did believe.

Acting skill: Convincing everyone you are not only a man, but the man.

7. London -- Night at the Museum 3

UBC took some pages from Daniel Day-Lewis’ book and became European. It was a challenge for the 100 year-old university, and many expected an Oscar nod.

Acting skill: Pulling off a British accent on a first date to appear cultured.

8. Africa -- X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This is crazy out of UBC’s depth. A role like this probably won’t come around again. It was reportedly ecstatic to work alongside Hugh Jackman, but a little peeved it didn't get to go on Conan with him.

Acting skill: Have you ever acted so hard you became a different continent?

9. Fascist dystopia -- The Man in the High Castle

As unsettling as the giant swastikas around the Rose Garden were, UBC pulled off an alternate reality where the Axis won World War II masterfully.

Acting skill: Orwellian.

10. Inside of a space ship -- Battlestar Galactica

Ok, so the Cloud 9 ship in BSG is supposed to simulate real life, but I truly believed it was in outer space -- and that’s what matters.

Acting skill: Sky high (space high? Whatever).