Play with rabbits today in the Nest until 4 p.m.

Nature's most fearful and fruitful animal. File Gemma Karstens-Smith

Pop into Room 2314 in the Nest today until 4 p.m. to hang out with some of the cutest rodents known to humans. In an event put on by the UBC Pre-Vet and Animal Welfare Club (PAW) and in collaboration with Rabbitats — a non-profit rabbit rescue, control and management organization — you can pet and socialize with some bunnies.

Non-members of PAW need to pay a $2 entry fee or $5 for a club membership – which gives you access to PAW's future events. Proceeds will be going to the club and the Rabbitats organization.

So, if you like animals, but find dogs too personable and aggressive, this is a great opportunity to de-stress and pet nature's most fearful and fruitful animal.