The Dingbat: Diary of a new grad (and the ecosystem growing in my sink)

Day 1

Ah. Untainted, straight from the bottle, absolute freedom. Tastes fucking amazing. I just had my last final –  last final nevermind you – and I am done. Finals are over; this term and my final year are all done. I’m, by all means, an adult now. As a reward, I will now allow myself to sleep whenever I want, watch TV all day mindlessly and disappear from the face of the earth.  

Day 2

Woke up, not sure when exactly. I had breakfast and realized, blissfully, that I have nothing to do. I’m free to do whatever I want. So I watched more TV. And then some more until bedtime. I lied. WHAT BEDTIME? Graduated gals go to bed whenever they want. I should wash my dishes at some point but that’s for five-days-from-now Elif to deal with.

Day 3

I love lying on the couch and watching TV. Hell, I love lying on the couch not watching TV. I love just lying. I love the fact that I don’t have to leave my house. I love that I get to play video games and watch shitty shows all day. I didn’t do my dishes though, I should really get on that. A whole ecosystem is forming in my sink.

Day 7

Ok. As much as I love lying (see Day 3),  I won't lie, this is getting a little depressing. Not doing anything is great and all but I haven’t left my apartment and time has truly become just a construct. What is time? Also if another person asks me what I’d like to do now that I've graduated, shit’s gonna go down. Dishes keep piling up. I hear movement in the kitchen.

Day 10

What did I use to do before I graduated? How did I do so much? I have exactly zero ounces of will left in my body and whatever I have left, I use on cooking, minimal cleaning and watching shitty shows. I’m pretty sure my brain has lost its shape, colour and form — it’s mush. My eyes are completely dry, I can’t keep them open. Also, I think the ecosystem in my kitchen sink has become a fully-fledged society. I hear construction. I think they’re building the SkyTrain to UBC

Day ???

Not sure what day it is. Or year. Am I really young or really old? I think I figured out the meaning of life at some point last night but then lost it while trying to cook dinner. The dishes have taken over my kitchen and wanted to negotiate house rules before letting me cook.

I moved off campus so I wouldn’t have to deal with roommates. This is like my Gage six-bedroom all over again. I wonder if UBC would let me move back to Gage if I asked nicely. Maybe I can work there? I should look into that tomorrow.