Three great places to grab a drink for Vancouver Pride Week

Photo courtesy Lisa Davies / Pexels

Whether you're a local or an unsuspecting tourist who just happened to come into town — welcome to Vancouver Pride Week. Thousands of people will fill the streets downtown, just as they've done for the past 38 years, and everything will become a little more colourful.

Most of the festivities will be happening along or near Davie Street — the rainbow-painted and gay-bar-lined road downtown. Depending on what your mood is, let us help you navigate Davie's many 19+ festivities and quench that thirst.


Our first suggestion is an easy one to make. This iconic gay dance club is the easiest place on Davie Street to be introduced to Vancouver Pride's quirky atmosphere. If you want to dance and have a good time, this is the place to go. During Pride Week, the club will be hosting events every night, such as Pride cabaret, drag queen bingo and an underwear fashion show featuring DJ Pornstar.


This one is for all of you that are just looking for a casual drink on a patio. This sports bar is great to sit back and relax at with a few friends. The patio faces the street, which allows for optimal people watching and direct sunlight — a great alternative to the all too often dark and dingy bars you find on Davie. When you’re at Score, definitely try one of their legendary Caesars. You can get one garnished with anything from a full cheeseburger, to tempura prawns.

Sunset Beach Festival

Our last recommendation isn’t necessarily a bar, but we suggest you head to the Sunset Beach Festival and try out one of the beer gardens. This is not only a great way to legally drink right on the beach, but also a great way to meet new people. The festival will be loud and obnoxiously colourful, but everyone is extremely friendly and there to celebrate.

There are many bars that line Davie Street, but these three venues are some of the best to experience Vancouver Pride Week to its fullest. Enjoy!