VP Administration candidate Julien Hart taught student how to unicycle yesterday

Zubair Hirji

On Monday afternoon, Julien Hart campaigned for the VP Administration position by teaching students how to ride a unicycle. He set up outside the UBC Bookstore at the base of the fountain, played some music and gave out some Yerba Mates. 

Hart’s unicycle, adorned with a campaign poster, was ridden while he performed a few jumps to the pleasure of the small crowd. This unconventional campaign event also brought half a dozen unicycles as he taught people how to ride them. The event garnered some attendance of about 50 students, and a few were slowly getting through the balancing act and were on their way to becoming unicyclists.

Hart, a member of the Vancouver Unicycling Club, gained experience riding his unicycle in the North Shore mountains and Whistler, as well as participating in competitions and playing unicycle hockey. 

Hart did not mention if this would be a daily event throughout the voting period, but those who attended seemed to enjoy the new skill they were learning.