Unsolicited advice: Embrace your dry spell(s)

Dry spells: You have or will probably have a few of them in your lifetime. Don’t worry.

Society makes us think that if we’re not having sex all the time, we’re somehow dysfunctional. This is ridiculous — sure, sex is great, but constantly trying to seek it out just sounds exhausting. Or at least this is what I experienced after some pitiful attempts at using Tinder and Bumble.

So instead of getting ghosted after a few messages or trying to have a conversation with people who don’t take public transit, it can be a healthy experience to learn how to enjoy being on your own sometimes — be that taking yourself out for a date or exploring what your body likes. I don’t think you have ever truly lived until you manage to weasel your way into a crowded restaurant because you’re eating alone. The same goes for finding 10 different ways to orgasm without having to first teach your partner what a clit is.

So don’t fear your dry spell, embrace it.