Not your parents’ sex toys

Technology and the internet have brought society some truly miraculous bounties. Our smartphones put computers more powerful than those that sent the Apollo lander to the moon in the palms of our hands. The ways that we work, play and socialize are dramatically different than they were 30 years ago.

So are the ways we get off.

From devices designed to augment your experience with a partner to those designed to improve your ability to please yourself, technology has made its mark on the adult toy industry in a big way. For those of you who — like me before I researched this article — are unaware of just how far out sex toys have gotten, here’s a list of five especially interesting implements. Strap on-err in, this might get weird.

Kiiroo Pearl and Onyx

At first blush, the Pearl may look like a regular vibrator and the Onyx might just look like a fancier fleshlight, but Kiiro has paired the two via the internet. When the Pearl is in use, the Onyx will respond by simulating intercourse. The user of the Onyx can respond in kind by controlling the vibrations of the Pearl. Marketed as a way for couples to stay intimate even while apart, the Pearl and Onyx certainly offer a more tactile alternative to Skype sex.


The ImToy, marketed as a male vibrator, is definitely more geared towards solo play. Its key selling point is its ability to synch with erotic video through its associated app. By matching the sensations supplied by the device with the pace of the video, the ImToy promises a more immersive adult movie-viewing experience.


SVAKOM’s Siime is probably one of the more idiosyncratic toys on this list. According to the manufacturer, Siime is the first internal camera vibrator. And yes, that is exactly what it sounds like. Equipped with a camera and light at one end, the device allows the user to record photos and videos of your intimate experiences, bringing users and partners alike “a feast to the eye,” according to the SVAKOM website.

Lelo Transformer

While not incorporating any new technologies, the Transformer is noteworthy as one of the first sex toys designed for all genders to use on the market. According to Lelo, the Transformer can function as anything from “ a clitoral massager” to “ a cock-ring” or even “a vibrating double-ended dildo.” The possibilities are endless!


Finally, no list of novel sex toys would be complete without mention of sex robots, so here you go. The Realdollx is a hyper-realistic sex doll that uses AI to control different aspects of the features and personality of the doll. With a head and face that can move, and different AI-driven personas and voices, the doll offers users a uniquely interactive experience. Models are also offered in male and female models alike.

If I’m being perfectly honest, this really isn’t my cup of tea — and I think that while the Realdoll doesn’t quite have Westworld-level realism, it does have Westworld-level creepiness. But, hey, if the uncanny valley revs your engine and you’ve got $8,000 burning a hole in your pocket, who am I to judge?