University is a great time to expand your social circle and find some people who are into the same kind of weird stuff as you. A lot of people tend to make friends exclusively within their residence halls, but you shouldn’t let that limit you.

Clubs to Join: Getting involved with clubs at UBC is one of the best ways to meet cool people and pursue your passions. There are hundreds of clubs on campus, but the whole world doesn’t live on campus. There are clubs that aren’t run by UBC that might interest you. Check out sports league, quiz nights, whatever catches your fancy!

Activities to Do: There’s an abundance of rec leagues on campus (dodgeball anyone?) to get involved with. Be sure to sign up for Storm the Wall and Day of the Longboat and tick off these events from your UBC bucket list. The AMS’s annual Block Party is a guaranteed banger and the best way to celebrate the end of the school year.

Places to Go: From Pit Nights to theatre productions, UBC always has something to do. Check out our new Aquatic Centre and the Nest’s Climbing Wall for a little adrenaline or learn a thing or two from our very own Museum of Anthropology or Beaty Museum – they’re both free for students!