The pros and cons of “cuffing season” 2017

It’s cold, your hair and feet are permanently damp, and let’s face it — we all know there’s only so much Netflix you can watch by yourself. Luckily for you, cuffing season is in full swing.

Cuffing season, which typically starts in November and finishes around Valentine’s day, is the race for singles to get into a relationship, simply because they are cold and lonely. Vancouver is not immune to this. November brings on average about 20 days of rain and with essays, projects and finals on the horizon, casual dating is simply very inconvenient.

Despite the fact that it might not be the best idea that could end up in heartbreak and regret, here are four ways to prepare yourself for the inevitable:

Tinder: You knew it was coming!

Pros: It’s free, easy and the perfect self-esteem boost after that C+ you got on your most recent midterm. Tinder is the basically the app version of a cheap, greasy pizza you got on the way home when you couldn’t be bothered to heat up yesterday’s vegetable pasta. You can lower the distance so you only have to hook up with people within walking distance. What could possibly go wrong?

Cons: It’s fucking Tinder.

Ask out your class crush

Pros: November leaves us with only a few weeks till the end of the semester, so it’s not that compromising. Think about the convenience of can snuggling and studying at the same time. Just picture the scornful jealousy of your classmates when you stroll into class arm in arm with your class crush. It’s the perfect modern day love story.

Cons: If it doesn’t work out, every time you think about that course you will remember that pitiful rejection and how you failed your final because you were too busy fantasizing about being ½ of the cute class couple.

Ask out the barista at your favourite coffee shop

Pros: Imagine getting your daily overpriced six-dollar coffee — now imagine getting the same coffee, but it’s free. That’s what dating the barista at your coffee shop is like. Not only can you save up for Christmas present money, but if you’re lucky they might bring some leftover coffee back home. Your roommates will love you more than they already do and you’ll also be energized enough to actually finish your studying the night before your final.

Cons: If you get rejected, you will have to go to the lower quality, crappy coffee shop across the street with no study space because it’s the only place where you can show your face now.

Ask out your club crush

Pros: Picture a successful class crush, but significantly better and less ambiguous. You already like the same things as them and you see them pretty much all the time anyway, so there won’t be any significant changes to your schedule.

Cons: When things don’t go well, good luck finding a new hobby.