A holiday gift from The Ubyssey: A comprehensive list of WiFi passwords from cafes near campus

As the first week of finals comes to a close, we want to know that we understand, we see you, we hear you and we are here for you.

We know that sometimes when you’ve sat down at a cafe because after the third round of searching IKB for seats, failing to study at home and needing to consume coffee intravenously, it’s sometimes just too much to have to get up and have a conversation with another human being just to get on the WiFi.

So here it is, a comprehensive and growing list of Vancouver cafe WiFi passwords — don’t say we never give you anything:

  • Breka: ilovebreka
  • Benny’s: bennys123
  • Cartems: 3040cartems
  • Cartems on Main: citrusdust
  • Grounds for Coffee: groundsforcoffee
  • Garden Corner Cafe: organicsip
  • Bean Around The World: Kitsilano
  • Bean Around The World on Main: cowboyslikebeans
  • Arbutus Coffee: coffeecake
  • Storm Crow Tavern: Gandalf

Finally, if you aren’t sure the place you want to go study at has WiFi, this website has an interactive map of different restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and more, listing if they have WiFi or not, as well as if a password’s required.

Happy holidays from The Ubyssey!