Terrible ideas for cannabis edibles that you should not try

Cannabis has been legal for a hot minute now and obviously we want to eat it. Smoking be damned! Let’s eat weed! But wait, the active parts of cannabis are fat soluble and requires heat to convert THCA into THC, the stuff that gets you high. In order to really get the most out of your cannabis, you either have to smoke it or infuse it in a fat. This is why edibles are usually baked goods that require fats like oil or butter. And by now, we’re all used to the idea of brownies, cookies and chocolates with THC in them, so why not try some other probably bad ideas while we’re at it?

A note on infusing cannabis with a fat

As mentioned before, THC is fat soluble, so you’ll need to infuse your cannabis with a fat, like oil or butter. This usually requires a jar, some cheesecloth, lots of fat, a stove and a pot of boiling water. A quick search will give you a ton of different ways to decarboxylate your cannabis and infuse the fat, so go on and choose whichever one suits your tools and needs. Make sure to do the math correctly on the ratios or you may end up way too high and wishing you had your mom around to help.

Weed soup

For this one, I would suggest starting your stock by infusing oil or butter that has been infused with cannabis with some aromatics, like herbs, garlic, onions or anything that gives a stock a nice punch of flavour. Just don’t use cannabis as an aromatic, unless you really want to have a terrible time eating it. Then continue with your soup following whatever recipe you please, or just winging it and throwing everything in your fridge into the pot. You decided to make weed soup, so why not make some other terrible decisions?

Weed salad

You didn’t want the soup and chose the salad instead. Terrible choice, my friend. For this one, I would recommend making a vinaigrette, which is an oil mixed with an acid, then emulsified so it doesn’t separate. An interesting choice would be THC-infused olive oil, lemon juice and a little bit of parmesan cheese to help the mixture emulsify. Pour that over your sad salad and reluctantly eat a very green-tasting green thing.

Chicken baked in THC-infused olive oil because you used all your oil making it and also you only have lemon now for flavour

Might as well try right? Wrong.