The healthiest places to eat on campus

When you’re late for class and have to study, it’s easy to go to the nearest place on campus to have a quick bite — whether or not it’s the healthiest option. Eating healthy on campus is hard and before you know it that freshman fifteen will come to haunt you throughout your years at UBC.

Here are a few places to eat on campus that can help you make healthy choices:

Loop Café

Loop Café is by the center for interactive research on sustainability. According to their website, they are known to be “UBC’s most sustainable and health-conscious eatery.”

They only use seasonal and local ingredients in their foods. From their wide selection of salads, pastries, drinks with herbal ingredients and gluten free goods you’re sure to make a healthy choice. A suggestion would be to try one of their stews, which are known to be one of their bestsellers.



Harvest is UBC’s grocery market, which is located by Ponderosa Commons on the corner of University Boulevard and West Mall. They’re stacked up with whole grain sandwiches, salads, vegetable soups and other basic groceries or take-out meals.

You can also find Harvest products in cafés across campus. They take student cards, which is an added bonus.

The Delly

Located on the lower level of the Nest, the Delly is a perfect place for a quick lunch to take on the go. They have a variety of healthy options to choose from like soups, sandwiches, salads and many vegetarian options.

Great Dane

Located on Walter Gage road, Great Dane is a small coffee shop that also has healthy sandwiches and snacks. They use local ingredients and have many vegetarian and gluten free options, plus have great tasting fresh juices. With their amazing coffee, it’s definitely a great place to grab a last minute breakfast before class.



Porch is the newest vegetarian and vegan restaurant on campus, so be sure to give yourself a little extra time if you plan on coming here for lunch in between classes because the line can get a little long.

With “build-your-own bowl” options, to pre-made sandwiches, paninis and more, it’s no wonder why this place is so packed and popular.