How to transform your home study space into the cafe you used to study at

Are you starting to miss the background chatter of a cafe while you’re hard at work pretending to study? Do you feel unmotivated to ‘work’ on your homework without your free public WiFi crashing every ten minutes? Does that blast of cold air from the front door of the cafe opening every five minutes feel like a long forgotten memory? Well, here’s how you can turn your home study space into a cafe, so you can feel like you’re back in your favourite study spot once again.

Step 1: Get the playlist just right

Use YouTube to play a pop music playlist with that one song that seems to find its way back into the queue every couple of songs. To really make it feel like your local cafe, make sure to turn the volume up just enough so you can’t hear yourself think.

Step 2: Air flow

Buy an oscillating fan and set it to the highest setting. Every few seconds you’ll get hit with a cold blast of air, and it’ll feel just like that those times you snagged the only free chair by the door of your local Starbucks.

Step 3: Make your internet connection worse

Give your WiFi password to everyone that lives near you. Not only will your internet speed slow right down, you might be able to use the age old ‘my computer got a virus and deleted all my work’ excuse right before midterms.

Step 4: Spend $5 on coffee

Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and just throw a five dollar bill into the garbage to simulate how it was back in the good old days before COVID-19 hit. Maybe toss a few coins away as well, tipping is an essential part of the service industry!

Step 5: Closing time

Set an alarm on your phone for 5:50 p.m. to remind yourself that your at-home study cafe closes in ten minutes. Can’t work after the ‘cafe’ closes, right? Time to try to forget about that sneaky little Canvas notification warning you about upcoming assignments and think about binge watching that Netflix show everyone has been talking about.