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Hassib, Kanji, Lorien, Shaikh, Yi-Kieran win spots on UBC Senate

Incumbents Kareem Hassib and Kamil Kanji will be returning to the Senate, along with newcomers Jasper Lorien, Taushifa Shaikh and Solomon Yi-Kieran to serve as next year’s student senators-at-large.

These five beat first-time candidates Alex Chui, Sahib Malik, Kyle Rogers and Ferdinand Rother.

Next year will be Hassib’s second term on Senate, winning on a platform of taking action on accessibility, accountability and equity goals with an emphasis on continued online engagement.

“I’m over the moon,” Hassib said, “really excited to get back to work, helping students and advancing the Senate 2026 goals.”

When asked what he would do first, he said he would, “fight for more accommodations when it comes to exam policies and [Disability Accommodation] Policy LR7.”

Meanwhile, Kanji was reelected to a third term on a platform of continuing his work on expanding academic support for students, implementing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives and improving Senate transparency.

When asked how he felt, Kanji said he was “over the fucking moon."

Kanji also won his bid for one of two UBC Vancouver seats on the Board of Governors, along with incumbent Eshana Bhangu.

Lorien, a newcomer to the Senate who has done advocacy work with Disabilities United Collective (DUC), won on a platform of accessibility, affordability and financial ethics.

“I feel great, amazing,” said Lorien. “I made a lot of promises, I intend to keep all of them.”

Lorien was also elected as the Faculty of Arts senator, winning in what AMS Elections Administrator Max Holmes described as one of the most contested races for Arts student senator in Senate history.

Shaikh, another newcomer to student government, won on a platform incorporating more EDI initiatives into curriculums and improving community building.

Shaikh was not present when results were announced and could not be reached for comment before publication.

Having served as first-year representative in the Arts Undergraduate Society, Yi-Kieran won on a platform dedicated to EDI with a particular emphasis on giving 2SLGBTQIA+ and international students greater attention.

When asked about his win immediately after the announcement, Yi-Kieran humorously remarked, “I’m gonna go home and chill with my friends. I want my life back.”

His first agenda items as a senator include fighting for 24-hour library access and an exam database.

Hassib, Kanji, Lorien, Shaikh and Yi-Kieran will begin their terms on April 1.

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