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Massing_Maya Preshyon + Genkal Sally Ka + Krystal Paraboo

Community organizers and artists are developing supportive spaces in the city for Black Vancouver to connect and create – a difficult task to take on, given the huge deficit of BIPOC representation in the arts scene resulting from Vancouver’s racist history.

20220119 a ameen love nest

I’ve recently found somebody who is willing to deal with my insanity all the time — voluntarily (I have a boyfriend)! So, now that I have field experience with showing him around campus, I knew I had to list some verified PDA-hotspots for you love birds to nest in too.

20220910 i janmohamed ubyssey office

A month into 2023 and it feels like it has been a year already! To celebrate the upcoming year of laugh and love, and mourn the past year of whatever the opposite of laughs and love is, Ubyssey blog put together a list of our ins and outs for the year.

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