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The internet was where Nardwuar’s career truly exploded, with his unconventional interview style and trademark tam o’shanter hat becoming iconic. If you’ve never watched one of his interviews, it feels like a breath of fresh air after years of canned questions. His research is world-renowned, springing guests with questions about their fifth-grade teachers, and giving them gifts from deep in their personal lives.


This year, UBC held its first Sustainable Fashion Week from October 28 to 30, which included panel discussions with responsible clothing brands, a documentary screening as well as its very own clothes swap and garment repair workshops.


These moments are where Barclay lays herself emotionally bare to convey a deeper emotion — and they work. For the reader, these startlingly intimate moments immerse themselves in the emotional atmosphere she creates. Rather than an outright statement of feeling, Barclay’s verse pulls the reader into the moment and forces them to feel it as she does.


As a college student, it’s a lot rarer to have such prime leftovers to toss in, but, as I said, congee is really what you make it to be. But this time, I wanted to make it exactly the way I had it as a child.

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