Malone, Holmes win Board of Governors race

Jeanie Malone and Max Holmes are re-elected as student representatives on the Board of governors (BoG).

This will be Malone and Holmes’s fourth and second year on the Board respectively. In their platforms and debates, they displayed institutional knowledge that comes from having worked within UBC for several years.

Malone ran on a platform of continuing her work on inclusion as the Board’s People, Community and International Committee chair. Alongside Holmes, she is also advocating for an affordability strategic plan that will integrate the university’s separate affordability initiatives and forecast tuition increases over several years.

“[I’m] delighted to be serving students,” said Malone. “I have a very long list of things I need to meet with Max about while we make our year plan.”

Holmes sits on both the Property and Finance Committees and hopes to use his influence there to build more affordable housing for students and secure funds for UBC’s Indigenous Strategic Plan, Inclusion Action Plan, the President’s Academic Excellence Initiative and more.

“Ultimately, I’m so excited about all the work that’s been unfinished this year — whether it’s the Indigenous Strategic Plan, the Inclusion Action Plan, the Government Business Enterprise,” said Holmes.

“I’m just looking forward to being able to advocate on how student interests are ultimately the best interests of the university.”