The 10 most-read blog articles of the 2021/22 school year

Whether it's a listicle, a scathing bit of satire or a spoof issue so good even Reddit likes it, the blog has been here all year trying to make you laugh.

Humour is the game and Ubyssey blog is the name. Here are the ten statistically most-read blog articles of the 2021/22 school year.

10. The worst first date spots on campus

20220210 c sharatkumar buchanan b-2

Author: Shanai Tanwar / File photo: Chirag Sharatkumar

Take a date to The Point and flex all those flex dollars you have. Take a date to Wreck Beach and be cursed with sand in your shoes for all of eternity. Written by our dating columnist, Shanai Tanwar, this is a piece that you won’t want to miss!

9. Places to pass out on campus

Study Spots

Author: Kyla Flynn / File photo: Arjun Hair

Napping is great. Napping on random couches on campus is even better. So dust off your silk sleep mask and get to work!

8. 10 websites to help you find the perfect place to live

Housing Prices/ Professors

Author: Joshua Azizi / File photo: Sam Barringer

It’s no secret that finding a place to live in Vancouver is difficult. This piece from 2017 has come in clutch. You’ll be able to find a place in no time!

7. Once and for all: Is it embarrassing to run for the bus?

202111119 i falsetti running to catch the bus-9041 Thomas McLeod sweating

Author: Thomas McLeod / File photo: Isabella Falsetti

This award-winning piece written by blog and opinion editor, Thomas McLeod, answers the age-old question that has plagued our society for millennia — is it really embarrassing to run for the bus. The answer? Well, you’ve got to read the piece to find out.

6. The Dingbat: UBC as types of terrible ex-boyfriends


Author: Iman Janmohamed / File photo: Geoff Lister

From the nice guy to the gaslight-y asshole, and the many business-savvy bitches in between, your terrible ex-boyfriends can really take a toll on you. Just like UBC can really take a toll on you. But at least your ex-boyfriend won’t raise tuition… he’s a nice guy!

5. Every Child Matters: Events happening in and around Vancouver to commemorate Orange Shirt Day 2021


Author: Tait Gamble / File photo: Yi Yang

In October, blog senior staff writer Tait Gamble wrote about events happening in the Lower Mainland to commemorate Orange Shirt Day.

For more resources about the residential school system and its ongoing legacy, visit the Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre’s website,

4. The Dingbat: UBC maintains that fires don’t spread in an educational environment


Author: Jackson Dagger / File photo: Cherihan Hassun

Remember December 2021? Remember exam season in December 2021? Yeah, we don’t want to, either. But take a blast from the past and relive those few weeks through this piece.

3. Places on UBC’s campus to feel like the main character

skateboarding down uni blvd

Author: Gia Khanna / File photo: Isabella Falsetti

Got a god complex? We got you covered. Read this piece to find out where you can live out your main character fantasies.

2. An honest review of UBC merch: The good, the bad and the ugly

UBC Bookstore 3

Author: Hannah Dam / File photo: Victoria Lee

In this maybe too-honest review, Hannah Dam explores UBC merch and whether or not merch is worth spending your entire paycheck in one go.

TLDR: It’s not. You look like a first year.

1.A tale of three Timmies: Judging the three Tim Hortons

tim hortons coffee

Author: Shyla Gheek / File photo: The Ubyssey

BREAKING: There are now three Timmies on campus. This totally really scientific stunt journalism piece goes in-depth to find out which Tim Hortons is best.