Food and nutrition / staying fit

Coming to university, there might be more on your mind than remembering to go for a run and staying hydrated. However, staying fit and having good nutrition is important for keeping your mind and body healthy.


Staying fit isn’t solely about how many workouts you do. Daily lifestyle choices are equally important. Dancing at a club? Talking the stairs in CIRS instead of the elevator? Biking to class? Although these don’t seem like exercise, they help your body stay fit! These ways of getting extra movement add up over time and help to maintain a baseline level of physical activity.


UBC is known for being a pretty active campus, and it’s no surprise why — we’ve got so many ways to stay fit. Want to get a new routine off the ground? Check out the Aviary for rock climbing. Prefer water? UBC students get into the Aquatic Center (and the ocean!) for free. Unmotivated exercising alone or want to make new friends? Check out UBC Rec for group Zumba, dance and spin classes. You can also get involved with intramurals at the Student Recreation Centre. This is just the tip of the iceberg — there is something for everyone at UBC.


Getting proper nutrition as a university student is hard — we get it! And just like how there’s no one right way to exercise, there’s no one right way to eat healthy.

A good rule of thumb is to hit the three major food groups at every meal: protein (whether animal products or plant-based), carbs (grains like rice or bread) and fats (like oils or nuts and seeds).

You can also consult professionals for advice at UBC. There’s some coverage under the AMS/GSS Health & Dental Plan, and students living in residence can book an appointment with a UBC dietician.


You’re not always going to eat all your broccoli or take yourself to the gym everyday. It’s important to rest too. This helps give your mind and body a break, which allows you to come back stronger.

“Healthy” is a relative term and will look different for every body. Staying active and having a nutritious diet in ways that work for you is what’s most important.