The title of this article is the article

Here’s some text that pretty much reiterates what you’ve already seen in the title. This isn’t that big of news, but it’s probably something you care about.

Wait… why are you still reading this?

You really don’t need to be reading this part, there’s nothing left to say about this topic. You clicked on this article and honestly that’s all we expected you to do, but now you’ve actually decided to click on and read it? You’ve got to have something better to do instead of reading this.

Good lord, you’re still going! Here are all the things you could do, rather than read this article:

Ride a bike

Exercise is a fantastic way to free your mind from any insignificant distractions (i.e. this article).

Call your grandma

She worries about you and, after we alert her to you reading this article, she’ll have one more reason to.

Reflect on why you assign high value to things that ultimately prove inconsequential, thereby exerting unnecessary strain on your psyche and concerning those who care for you

This text is irrelevant.

Play cards

If it worked in the olden times it could work now.

Do your school work

The only explainable reason for why you are still reading is you’re maaaaaaad procrastinating on an assignment.

Be doing anything else