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Afghan Horsemen Restaurant’s Dine Out menu was pleasant, but not outstanding by any means. From all the hype that surrounded the restaurant, perhaps a better dining experience can be achieved by ordering off the regular menu.

The couple are targeting “daydreamers and wanderlusts,” according to Mr. Matthews. Moving from careers in sales and corporate recruiting respectively, the couple wanted to use their memories of places that they had visited and loved.

For those who are unfamiliar, Rabbi Loeub explained that Shabbat is the Jewish Sabbath — a day of rest that begins on Friday evening and closes on Saturday night. For those 25 hours, observers refrain from doing any work.

Of course, life hacks are popular by their very nature — they offer an easy, seemingly painless version of reality in which the rest of your lifestyle doesn’t have to change to accommodate whatever self-improvement you’ve just vowed to commit to.

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