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There is no singular reason why the Bookstore might have run out of your textbook. It could be anything from your absent-minded professor to add/drop-prone students who return their textbooks at the last minute.


Regulatory testing of drugs and medical products encompasses only three-quarters of a per cent of animals used in UBC research. A third of all animals are used in medical and veterinary research to research treatment for disease.


“You can have all of the policies that you want in the world ... but without people fundamentally understanding the origins of rape culture and how to be a respectful ally or active bystander, we’re really never going to address these issues.”

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Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson announced the city’s plan for an extension of the Millennium Line at a press conference yesterday. The extension will begin at VCC-Clark Station and will run along Broadway, stopping short of UBC at Arbutus Street.

AMS Security

The AMS has changed its club management software to Clubhouse after the end of its contract with the previous software, Orgsync. The new software will be more user-friendly and intuitive, according to Chris Scott, AMS VP Administration.

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