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By all accounts, the celebration was a success, filling the Nest with around 120 people and providing an insightful example of Jewish celebration and traditions for all who wished to attend. The event was free and catered with potato-pancakes, apple sauce and donuts from Garden City Bakery — all of which were delicious.


The good news? This anthology takes a step toward satisfying that hunger. Its contributors — many being UBC alumnae such as Sonnet L’Abbé, Miranda Pearson and Renée Sarojini Saklikar — explore the disconnection we all experience in an urban environment from a variety of perspectives.


Just like you would love to drink a thirst-fulfilling pale ale on a hot summer day, a more lingering and thick stout is more likely to satisfy your desires during winter. Most winter beers tend to be darker in colour as the brewers use darker malts in the beer making process and increased yeast to elevate the sweetness.

Francesca Belcourt

For Shindig, she’s performing solo, excited to try out a simple set with a “focus on becoming an engaging performer.” Her unbound curiosity remains a big factor in her songwriting, making her a potential game changer.


When asked for a description of ATSEA, Omar Prazhari, third-year Arts student and creator of the band, quickly responded with, “Five sad boys making happy music.”

Paper Series

This was in response to the MFA directors being restricted in choosing two females and two males for their shows on the main stage, thereby excluding the rest of the students. What’s unique about this production is that the female acting students of the program will perform all of the characters in Yee’s play.


The lead vocals deserve the highest of praise for perfectly performed renditions. Scott Brooks (bass-baritone) and Matthew Gaskin (tenor) projected deep and rich notes that could be felt as much as heard. Charlotte Beglinger (mezzo) and Nicole Brooks (soprano) struck every one of the very high notes with pin-pointed accuracy and skill. It was also a nice touch that the screen above was showing english translations of the lyrics.


“One truly will be changed by the experience and hopefully inspired,” said Leslie Dala, director of the Vancouver Bach Choir when asked why students should spend their studying hours watching the choir. “I can almost guarantee that one will not leave the Orpheum theatre in the same way that one came in.”


“UBC definitely has an issue of visibility and that’s why I wanted to have an event like this,” said Blain. She also claims that although the university does promote diversity, it is in a highly tokenistic attitude. “They love [diversity] like that’s how we sell, that’s how we get the money from donors and that’s how we look good in comparison to other universities. It’s not a real celebration of all the culture and communities that exist here.”


Charmingly decorated with over 100 lanterns, including flowers, bees and jars, the event featured a wide range of activities for students and community members to participate in and reflect on how they connect to the garden space from creative festival activities, to lantern exhibits.


Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Christmas Shopping. Boxing Day Sales. New Year’s Eve party tickets. In an expensive time of year for a lot of people in Vancouver, and it’s the time that many companies rely on to increase revenue. Ironically, non-profit organizations face the same sort of “make it or break it” situation in a final effort for donations.

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