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Mesmerizing and powerful, Madrid-born Cigala’s voice carried, lingered and haunted throughout the theatre. His voice has been called “natural, inspired [and] drop dead gorgeous” by the BBC. It was not surprising then that the show was sold out.

As the 10th president of UBC, he served in the position from 1985 to 1997. He also held accomplishments as a scientist, including a significant role with NASA, during which he was responsible for the geophysical aspects of the Apollo space missions.

Since President-elect Donald Trump’s win of the US election, UBC has been receiving a massive number of website hits from residents of the United States. Americans have been browsing UBC’s graduate programs and lurking on the university’s Facebook.

Going into the playoffs, the ’Birds held a 6-0-2 season record, topping the Canada West division. The team then picked up wins against the Toronto Varsity Blues and Guelph Gryphons and a tie against Victoria before defeating the Vikes in the gold m

Dr. Warren Code, the acting director for the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative (CWSEI) at UBC, works with faculty and students to research and implement curriculum, teaching methodology and if students are actually meeting course objectives.

C.K. possesses an almost surgical knowledge of the difference between punching up and punching down. It's why he can pull off a show like this when nearly anyone else would be greeted with a sharp intake of breath.

Wondered which birth control options are out there beyond the advice of your friend’s sister’s cousin who liked the pill? Despite still not having access to Uber, UBC is about to get an app for that.

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