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The Strategic Offensive principle of war may state that “the best defence is a good offence,” but the Allard School of Law would probably maintain that the best defence is, instead, a good defence. Even Harry Potter himself advocates strongly on beha

The game was a close matchup and a showcase of the two teams’ quarterbacks and receivers. UBC’s Michael O’Connor and Regina’s Noah Picton were neck-in-neck in passing yards, with 397 and 364 respectively. On the other side of the ball, T-Bird receive

The biggest challenge that the T-Birds will have to overcome in the next game is the offensive terror of the Picton brothers. Quarterback Noah Picton has led the CIS in passing yards with 396.8 per game.

UBC currently ties Manitoba for the most points for of all CIS teams with 28. While it is still early in the season, a number of the team’s skaters have multi-point weekends under their belts, including Cassandra Vilgrain, Mathea Fischer, Nicole Sax

The ’Birds were fifth in Canada West going into the game and had the same 3-4 season record as the fourth-place team, the University of Manitoba Bisons. UBC clinched the playoff position after Manitoba’s loss to the Regina Rams.

The ’Birds know all too well. There is literally no more room for mistakes. With playoff chances on the line, the next game will either make or break the team. One wrong move and all hopes of going into the playoffs will go completely down the drain

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