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The entire UBC campus has band together in support of Movember’s great charities and raising awareness for men’s health issues. There are so many exciting events happening this year that we needed to make a list to keep track of them all.

Did you feel like a storm cloud was following you around all of October? If yes, don’t worry — it wasn’t just your imagination. It rained a whopping 28 out of the 31 days of October this year, breaking the record of October 1985.

All of these recipes are very easy to make on your own, depending on what your fruit preferences are. These ingredients can just be stuck in the blender all at once and voila — you’re basically a total Vancouverite now.

Here’s what it takes to transfer to UBC from a university in the US. Is getting into UBC easier or harder than immigrating to Canada? You be the judge. But please don’t crash the UBC website — we have enough problems with Connect already.

Arms were flailing, friends exchanged looks of confusion and pretty much no one was doing the same thing — but Kirby powered on. Pretty soon, everyone embraced the zumba mantra that there are no wrong moves as long as you’re moving.

Sadly, the mini horse is looking a little down as he’s getting soaked in the rain, so go and cheer him up! The goats at least seem to be in good spirits. Take a break from the puppies on campus that are helping with midterm stress.

SafeWalk usage rates have reached 2,400 walks per month since last February. You’ll find that this is a great transportation service that ensures your safety when travelling from one place to another on campus at night.

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