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The AMS is hosting their annual AGM on Monday, October 31. To help get you through it, play along with this special bingo card. The card was originally made by our friends at The Varsity at the University of Toronto.

October 31 is quickly approaching. Or maybe you’re that person who never makes any plans and just follows the crowd walking to the Frat Village every year. Either way, here is your guide to partying at UBC this Halloween.

We've all been frustrated with our profs at one point another after getting a bad grade. However, someone has taken it to the next level and sent four philosophers, including UBC philosophy professor Carrie Jenkins, a manilla envelope full of shit.

The most we receive is from his website, “Theatre Performance – UBC – B.A.” under his training. Be sure to keep an eye out for Lin when the movie premieres next year and check out the trailer below if you haven't already!

I can say with certainty that somewhere that night were many angsty teens whose acoustic variations of the same song were all bested by Totally Not The UBC Men’s Rugby Team, simply because they were really, really loud. And that’s all it takes.

Winter is coming and so is influenza. Just when you thought the warmth of fall lingered — Achoo! With one contraction of the diaphragm, the person next you has plagued you with millions of savage viruses.

UBC’s hidden garden oasis is the perfect place to hold hands, take a peaceful walk and get away from the stress of student life. Forget your worries among the canopy of trees on the Greenheart Treewalk.

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