Samuel Du Bois

In case the freezing cold, the sidewalks so slippery that you take your life into your hands walking to get coffee and the general start of the semester have got you feeling a bit shitty, the AMS are bringing us Frost Fest 2017.

If Halloween's end left you still longing to dress up in your carefully prepared costume and go out like it's nobody's business, Fan Expo Vancouver might be just what you need. Three days is hardly enough time to see everything on offer.

Beyond a limit of 30 lines, we have put no other restrictions on your poems. Submit your most wild experiments or traditional sonnets. We will read all of them and keep open minds. Be as creative and fearless as you can be!

The play wastes no time in getting straight into the meat of the plot. Edward II is crowned king and then the somewhat shady character of Gaveston takes the stage for a commanding monologue, dealt with great physicality by Daniel Curalli.

Last Sunday, Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue took to the Chan Centre's Shun Concert Hall stage for a performance that was best encapsulated as “fucking awesome.” The Chan Centre's 2016/2017 season has started with a bang.

The architecture firm behind the Tall Wood building is one whose name might not be instantly recognizable to most campus residents, but Acton Ostry’s presence is one which is nonetheless influential in shaping the environments of UBC’s future.

In order for Brock Commons to succeed, it not only had to set a new bar for wood buildings, but also develop new methods for construction which streamlined the process and reduced the actual time spent on site.

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