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The much-awaited annual Storm the Wall is here, and if you’re not hyped, then what are you even doing here? The first time I heard about Storm the Wall, I wondered: what is the verb ‘storm’ and what does it mean?

Are your hefty library fines reaching the sky but you're strapped for cash? Worry no more — relieve the burden of your library debt by donating some non-perishable food which will go to fellow UBC students who are in need.

Martha Piper Plaza is a perfectly rated fountain that deserves our respect (and not vandalism). However, it’s not the only fountain on campus. UBC has a few other fountains that go unnoticed and underappreciated.

If you’ve ever walked down Main Mall and had the completely understandable thought of “this campus has a major lack of farm animals,” you’d be wrong. Matter of fact, the UBC Farm is home to one of the mainstays of animal husbandry: 100 clucking chickens.

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