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The Buchanans are like the friends that aren’t really your friend, but you hang out anyways. They’re a cluster of buildings that can’t be separated, and inevitably would probably all go to the bathroom at the same time.

After the four-hour orientation workshop, we allow students and their parents to wander around campus, pointing out fun landmarks like the Ladner clock tower or a building with lots of windows. This is great for students who like to distract their parents from their alcohol consumption that is causing their grades to fall dramatically.

He’s been kicking around UBC since 1966, so the age difference is certainly on my mind a lot. But why does that matter? I may just a fountain, but we have a lot in common, and it’s not just the concrete.

You could potentially find yourself not being able to remember what your professors look like. You show up at the right location at the right time, but you’re still not convinced that that’s the face you remembered.

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