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“From the Cult” will be churning out great, important content that I’m sure will truly change the hearts and minds of the voting population, make all the candidates block us on all social media, and have people on Reddit and Facebook comments saying that The Ubyssey sucks and is too much like Buzzfeed.

Though this year is a bit different from times gone by, as the voting period will last a raunchy three weeks period — thanks to not wanting to break the law. That’s a lot of time, so we wondered what other things could happen in that same amount of time. Here’s the skinny.

On February 12, UBC shut down its classes for a snow day. Some stayed at home and cozied up watching Netflix. Others hit the slopes or the trails for a wintery hike. Once classes were back on Wednesday, some celebrated with the snow ball fight on campus. Whatever it was, our photographers captured some of the chilly memories.

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