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BCcampus estimates that students have saved nearly $1 million dollars already on textbooks costs thanks to open textbooks. The money from the grant will be used to expand the program, so that number can increase.

Paper Series

This was in response to the MFA directors being restricted in choosing two females and two males for their shows on the main stage, thereby excluding the rest of the students. What’s unique about this production is that the female acting students of the program will perform all of the characters in Yee’s play.


The lead vocals deserve the highest of praise for perfectly performed renditions. Scott Brooks (bass-baritone) and Matthew Gaskin (tenor) projected deep and rich notes that could be felt as much as heard. Charlotte Beglinger (mezzo) and Nicole Brooks (soprano) struck every one of the very high notes with pin-pointed accuracy and skill. It was also a nice touch that the screen above was showing english translations of the lyrics.


Titled “Stupid Questions Female Hockey Players Get Asked," the video mocks people’s ignorance about women’s sports. What started as an assignment for T-Bird defenceman Kirsten Toth’s creative writing course has turned into a viral Youtube video, which now has over 115,000 views.


Recent years have brought on a new kind of assault on civilized discourse by a group I have heard collectively termed as the “regressive left”: individuals — largely young adults 18-30 — so progressive they have become a threat to the liberal values that birthed them.

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