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In case the freezing cold, the sidewalks so slippery that you take your life into your hands walking to get coffee and the general start of the semester have got you feeling a bit shitty, the AMS are bringing us Frost Fest 2017.


One of the things that made 2016 not quite the most irredeemable year on record was the resurgence of British Grime. Skepta shut down the charts with Konnichiwa and won the Mercury Music Prize for his efforts.


A favourite late-night study spot for thousands of UBC students, the cafe will be fondly remembered for its high ceilings, rustic wooden furniture and stellar selection of caffeinated drinks and home-cooked food.


If there is one thing in this word that I would exchange my own family for, it would have to be pizza. As most of my friends — who’ve received midnight texts from me wondering if they would also be down to order some — will know.


The news of Calhoun's Bakery closing down hit UBC hard. We asked you to send us your memories of the beloved 24-hour study spot and you delivered. Here's a selection of our favourites, beginning with some of our own.


One of the most annoying things I endured upon going vegan was not feeling as free to study in coffee shops with my friends out of wanting to avoid the pain of watching on as they consumed delicious dairy-filled meals or lactose-infused beverages.

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