Moira Wyton

Moira Wyton

Features Editor & alternative Moira

Moira started writing for The Ubyssey after a friend convinced her that it wasn’t a cult (it is). Since beginning in September 2016, she has written about student protests on campus, co-led coverage on student Senate elections, and contributed feature-length pieces on campus contraception, faculty diversity and the practice of politics at UBC. When she’s not camped out at the features desk, Moira studies political science and international relations in the dual degree program between UBC and Sciences Po Paris and sometimes remembers to call her parents. Tweet her here or send her a strongly-worded LinkedIn request here.

“Cardio machines go days or even weeks without being fixed, the towels used to wipe down equipment are few and far-between and the floor space for stretching could be advertised as an attractive nano unit after a quick a paint job.”

“We’re trying to break down the wall between the ivory tower and the broader political community and to recognize that there is a role for thinking about politics as a practice — not just as theory,” said Cameron.

While Gonick’s mother has not yet arrived in Vancouver, Gallegos Marín stressed that the gathering and fundraiser are about spreading the word and maintaining morale among his friends and family both in Vancouver and Ecuador.

“The next time someone tells me that one vote won’t count, I’m going to say, ‘Oh, let me tell you a story,’” said Chris Hakim, who lost the AUS VP External race by one vote. “I know that it does first-hand.”

“People are amazing once you get them out of their idiotic ideological presuppositions,” said Peterson to a crowd of dozens at the event. “Let’s be a bit appreciative of the political distribution and let’s understand that you need to communicate."

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