Natalie Morris

“I won’t be answering questions about almond milk or drunken misadventures, but I still have advice for you. Not for the big things — the fights, the lovers, the grades — but for what falls between those.”

I know all of these movies have their flaws and are definitely not as intersectional as one would like, but as someone who loves watching badass women be their badass selves, I've finally narrowed down the list of incredible feminist movies down to an iconic five.

“Every time I walk into the washroom on the second floor, I'm faced with a horrifying sight. There's an Alesse birth control advertisement and it shouts a horrible message: if you don't get the brand name version of the Pill, you've gotten the wrong Pill.”

“Find the part of UBC that makes you feel at home and enjoy it. Every entering first year is nervous about the upcoming year. Every. Single. One. You’re not alone. And you should never have to feel like you are.”

“I had the best hot chocolate of my life in Prague. I met some of the highest respected professors in my field of study. I learned about Danish chair design and München beer halls. I visited ancient churches and Michelangelo’s.”

“I’m entering my fifth year and I’m still finding new ways to become a more efficient student. Some people strike gold their first study session, but don’t be discouraged if you can’t hit your stride right away.”

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