Sarah Zhao

Sarah Zhao

Sarah started writing for The Ubyssey only because she wanted to avoid shaming from her high school English teacher, and she somehow got indoctrinated into the cult after picking up too many pitches. She loves interviewing people whose titles she doesn’t understand and learning more about the shenanigans happening on campus. Don’t ask her about what she’s studying - she’ll figure it out. Probably. Sarah doesn’t do social media but in case you do, follow her on Twitter and send her any kind of tip you’d like.


I stopped going to Saturday school when I was 12, but many Chinese cultural traditions — the story behind firecrackers during 农历 新年 (Lunar New Year) and the reason we eat noodles or fish on certain holidays — were ingrained in me there.

Evans came into the year benefitting from experience with the AMS and student governance at UBC, having served as an AMS representative for the Arts Undergraduate Society and as Chair of the Human Resources committee last year. He believes that he has leveraged that experience into some early successes.

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